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Tint Kings offers the perfect tint for home and business windows. Our tinted windows block uv rays, reduce glare, increase energy savings, and allow natural light to still shine through. Serving Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma, our window tint professionals have the experience and the skill to ensure your home is perfectly shaded against the hot sunlight. Contact us today to learn more and get a quote!

Reducing Glare Inside Your Home

Our tint films for your home reduce the glare from the bright Seattle sun.

Prevent Unnecessary AC Use

Without tinted windows, your AC is fighting against the direct glare and heat of the sun.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Tinting your home windows prevents as much heat coming in so your AC doesn't have to work so hard.

Reduce Damage From the Sun

The heat of the sun can be harsh on leather and the interior of your home.

Extra Privacy & Safety

Prevent peeping toms and nosy neighbors from seeing inside your home.

Protection UV Light Exposure

Exposure to UV light is linked to the cause of skin cancer. Our films block all UV rays.

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Common Questions About Home Window Tinting

Here are some top questions about our home window tinting services for Washington cities like Seattle, Bellevue, & Tacoma.

Tinting your home’s windows can help you increase your energy efficiency, keeping out the sun’s harsh glare and heat during the summer and helping you retain heat during winter.

When thinking of window tinting services, most people think of cars, but many homeowners tint their house windows as well. Home window tinting can improve energy efficiency, keep you comfortable from harsh sunlight, and retain heat during the winter months.

Choosing window tint film for your home windows is often a more affordable option than blinds or drapes. This is because it offers increased energy efficiency and reduces interior glare.
The initial costs for the material and installation of window film are more expensive than solar screens. However, window films are ultimately more durable and affordable than solar screens.

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We are happy to guide you in selecting the best shade of film to meet the needs and style of your home.

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